Spam Safe Mail - SMTP Network Spam Filter for Exchange Server Features

Our network spam filter for Exchange server (and other mail servers) provides all these corporate grade features to allow you to self manage your clients Microsoft Exchange server setup and control their spam filtering.  Full documentation and training is provided along with unlimited technical support, not only making the process simple to setup to deal with spam, but, additionally gives you the confidence in our network service and abilities.

End User Spam Filter Features

Server Network Spam Filter Technical Features

bullet Server network spam filtering and delivery in real time
bullet Server network virus filtering in real time for both inbound and outbound emails
bullet No software to install on either the client server or computers
bullet End users continue to use their existing email server
bullet End user viewable spam bin with safety features that blocking links and attachments allowing safe reviewing before selecting for redelivery
bullet End user instigated redelivery from the spam bin
bullet End user instigated white listing of senders
bullet EU Privacy in the work place compliant
bullet Automatic signup for end users in a domain
bullet Client and partners full management
bullet Client and partners full support *
bullet Works with Blackberry, iPhones, Android phones, tablets
bullet Full user manuals, setup and technical documents available
bullet Unlimited partner/reseller training and support
bullet End of day spam bin report via email *


bullet Full client admin access to log files, spam sin bin, and mail queues
bullet Store and forward facility in case of client mail server or network failure
bullet Multiple clustered MX nodes providing your clients automatic backup MX in Ireland, USA and the United Kingdom
bullet Support for IP Address routing or Dynamic DNS routing
bullet Support for failover broadband links, ie alternative/backup delivery IP address *
bullet Multiple email domain name handling for clients with more than one email domain on their server
bullet Multiple server handling for clients with routed domains
bullet Smart host facility provided for all servers for outbound email
bullet Support for SMTP, TLS, SSL
bullet Support for DNS A MX SPF and SRV records
bullet Automatic testing of DNS records setup
bullet Automatic testing of your servers SMTP port and responses
bullet Works with all 32 bit and 64 bit mail servers, Exchange, Hosted Exchange, Courier-MTA, etc.
bullet Server monitoring email alert to technical staff *
bullet Server Monitoring SMS alert to technical staff *

Note: * Depending on version

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