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Spam Safe Mail Contract Terms

  1. Mark Andrew Smith Limited trading as "Spam Safe Mail" in Ireland will provide spam email filtering services for the client.
  2. The service shall be available 99% of the time.
  3. A monthly invoice will be raised mid month in advance of the next month.
  4. All invoices will be settled within 14 days electronically.
  5. There is no setup fee with this contract.
  6. The client will pay Mark Andrew Smith Limited a sum monthly on the 1st of the month in advance of each month by standing order direct into our bank account or Paypal account. No other payment option is offered nor accepted.
  7. Clients joining mid month will be invoiced at a pro-rate month based on the number of days to the end of the month.
  8. The minimum contract length is 1 month. This contract shall renew monthly on the first day of every month and will form a rolling monthly contract.
  9. Accounts 7 days in arrears will be deemed to have left our service.
  10. No refunds are given.
  11. Clients choosing to reverse VAT charge are liable to collect their own VAT in their own territory.
  12. The contract rates are fixed until the first anniversary after which Mark Andrew Smith Limited must give the client or partner one full calendar months notice of any changes in rates in writing by email.
  13. After the initial month, either party can cancel this agreement by giving one full calendar months notice in advance by email to
  14. Mark Andrew Smith Limited will not disclose any information nor passwords from the clients system to any other person or company without the written authorisation of the client. Mark Andrew Smith Limited reserves the right to employ resellers and sub-contractors. These parties will also fall under this non-disclosure agreement. Upon termination of the contract, the non-disclosure clause shall live on for a period of five years to protect the client and its business interests.
  15. Where in territories there is a privacy in the work place law. This shall be included to be compliant in this contract.
  16. Mark Andrew Smith Limited in Ireland will keep the Data Protection Registrar up to date.
  17. The client shall ensure that their own computer is free from viruses and spy ware and operate up to date security software. Cleaning viruses from computers is not covered by this contract. Mark Andrew Smith Limited accepts no liability for viral infections.
  18. The client may NOT send out unsolicited commercial emails from this system. Mark Andrew Smith Limited reserves the right to suspend any client doing so, so preserving the high ethical standards that the spam filtering system adheres to.
  19. The client shall only use properly licensed software.
  20. This contract is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ireland.
SpamSafeMail is a trading name of Mark Andrew Smith Limited
A company registered in Ireland - Company Number 524245
Directors: Mark Smith, Fiona Smith