Network Spam Filter and Network Virus Filter

Spam Safe Mail is a low cost easy to use and setup network spam filter with a network virus filter built in for any mail server and scans incoming emails at network level before any spam or virus reaches a client’s mail server. All without the client having to install any software to their own mail server. Spam Safe Mail’s SMTP filter is so effective because it learns about the client’s business email content and language used, and this makes Spam Safe Mail very accurate with its spam filtering.

Business Protection

Protecting not only your clients servers, but also the clients business, users, time, privacy and most importantly clients profits. It is compliant with all EU privacy in the work place requirements. And all for a single low cost monthly fee shared with our partner resellers. With a clear mailbox, users need not spend valuable time sifting through and deleting spam making them more productive. At the end of the day, a report is emailed to the user of items that were filtered on their behalf.

Proven Track Record

Powered by a number of our own software technologies that have been continuously developed since 2004, renamed and bundled as Spam Safe Mail since 2006, our network spam filter has a proven track record of protecting all manner of client’s businesses in a range of industries. To get started as a reselling partner, simply click on “Sign Up” above and you can be earning revenue by reselling our network spam filter “Spam Safe Mail” today.

Spam Filter Accuracy

Since our network spam filter is working across all business sectors in a shared community, it sees the same copy of a inbound spam emails being sent to other users in other clients domains. This coupled with the outbound example emails that it has to compare with, allows it a wider and more accurate picture, to determine what is spam and what is not. The spam filter accuracy typically exceeds 98.5% or better when we handle a million items of spam emails or more per day.

SMTP Network Spam

SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) as the name suggest is a quick easy and simple server to server method of passing emails on over port 25. However, in the original specification, little thought was given to security. Due to this, a whole industry was built on sending emails offering products, by exploiting the fact that you could just pass the email information direct into the receiving servers mail port.

Although an email server may be setup to receive emails to a specific mailbox, many early mail servers had a catch all address that spammers exploited knowing that their email will still be delivered to a mailbox somewhere. With Spam Safe Mail, companies can still use their arrangement on their own mail server, same in the knowledge that we have filtered their mail for spam and viruses out on the Internet before their mail server received the email.

Server Security

Spam Safe Mail will work with any SMTP server using SMTP or SMTP with SSL/TLS. If you have an on premises Microsoft Exchange server, or Small Business Server, then Spam Safe Mail is right for you. You do not need to install any software on your server, just simple re-configure it slightly. Full instructions are given. Start today with the free version as a demo, and when you are ready to take more functionality, simply upgrade with no tie in contract.

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