Inbound Email Requirements
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From the 1st June 2024, in order to send emails to users on (or via) Spam Safe Mail, sending email servers need to adhere to the following strict standards for inbound emails… Requirement Overview Here is a quick at a glance overview of the requirements for sending to users on our service… Required Notes SPF … Read more

Digitally Signed S/MIME Emails
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How can you be sure that the email has come from who it purports to represent?  And how do you stop a received email from being changed?  Well read on… In searching the Internet, there are many tutorials on how to setup your chosen email software client for digital certificates, but, they usually don’t go … Read more

Hotmail and AOL Spam PDF Attachments
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PDF Attachments

We have had a considerable number of complaints of spam emails containing PDF attachments coming from the Hotmail and AOL email networks. Normally, PDF attachments are allowed straight through, but, due to the high volume of complaints, we have removed PDF attachments from the accepted file list so that it has to be processed like … Read more

Increase In Spam Emails
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We have seen a recent increase in the number of spam emails, both phishing attacks and also marketing emails.  We are successfully blocking both by our excellent and aggressive network spam email filter. The main problem is that business are being forced to resort to other forms of marketing, and sending unsolicited emails is a … Read more