How Our SMTP Network Spam Filter Works

Users continue to use their own email server as normal for authentication, sending, receiving and storing emails. However, all out going email from their own server passes through Spam Safe Mail, our network spam filter service. This has the advantage that the service learns from the language used in the users business, and also white lists genuine email addresses of partners, clients and other user contacts. Then, when an incoming email is considered if it is spam or not, the spam filter can compare the language used in the email based upon what it already knows from previous outgoing examples. This improves detection accuracy over other systems.

network spam filtering diagram

How To Filter Unwanted Email Spam at the Network and Server Level

This is a technical overview of we deal with spam emails at the network level. Should the system think an email is spam, it will return an error back to the sender informing them to make contact via telephone. The network spam filter will place the offending email into a spam bin that the user has access to by logging in via the above top right link. Any emails placed in the spam bin can be viewed safely via your chosen web browser as all links and images within emails stored in the spam sin bin are safely disabled. The user can redeliver any filtered email, and white list the sender to prevent that sender being network filtered again. Full easy to use non technical user instructions are given for each screen inside spam safe mail for users. Partners and resellers have unlimited technical support and access to the Spam Safe Mail portal with full mail tracing and diagnostics of our spam filtering service.

Technical Documentation

The following PDF manuals are available for download…



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