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Hotmail and AOL Spam PDF Attachments
Hotmail and AOL Spam PDF Attachments avatar

We have had a considerable number of complaints of spam emails containing PDF attachments coming from the Hotmail and AOL email networks. Normally, PDF attachments are allowed straight through, but, due to the high volume of complaints, we have removed PDF attachments from the accepted file list so that it has to be processed like… Read More »

Double Network SMTP Virus Filter
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Unlike some of our competition, we perform a double virus filter as standard. We not only virus protect your incoming emails, we additionally protect your business by scanning outbound emails from your company LAN thereby stopping your whole domain from being blacklisted should a single PC be infected within your business.

Game Over Zeus
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Our network spam filter is very aggressive at blocking links and attachments, the usual way that this viral payload is delivered.  Therefore, the risk to Spam Safe Mail users is determined to be low.

SSL Heartbleed
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We can confirm that the version of TLS/SSL used to transfer mail into and out of Spam Safe Mail does not use the version of OpenSSL that is susceptible to the Heartbleed virus and so no mail servers are compromised.